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The Sudoku Plus software allows you to play Sudoku games either on your PC or on your Pocket PC, so whether you are at home or on the move, you can enjoy the art of Sudoku! You can Load in existing puzzles, save them or generate new puzzles of varying difficulty. For those really difficult puzzles, there is even a Solve facility to automatically complete the puzzle for you. Don't delay - download Sudoku Plus today! Features of Sudoku Plus: Games can be saved and reloaded. A saved game is stored as a discrete file which can then be copied (for instance from your PC to your Pocket PC device). Existing games (for example, maybe you are working on a puzzle from a newspaper) can be entered into a new grid and saved. New games can be auto-generated with varying difficulty levels. Please note that on the PC this is near instantaneous but on a Pocket PC, this can take a while. Any puzzle can be auto-solved (assuming that there is a logical solution). When solving a Sudoku puzzle, users often annotate the grid cells to help them eliminate values. This facility is included in Sudoku Plus. Cells can be annotated, using the dot method. This is achieved by clicking the relevant sub cell once. To enter a guess value in a cell, the relevant sub cell is double clicked. Guess values in cells can be converted to locked values.

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